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how to get the most from your bridal trial

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I did my first bridal trial of the year the other day, and it got me thinking about how to prepare for your hair and makeup trial and also how to make the most of it. So I thought I might just write a little post on ‘how to get the most from your bridal trial’…

Nikki Bridal make up and hair, The Walled Gardens at Cowdray, Midhurst, West Sussex

My first tip is –

get your ideas together

Before your wedding trial, it is so helpful for you to collate some images of hair and makeup styles that you like. They say a picture is worth a thousand words… well, I don’t know about that exactly, but as an artist, it is SO handy to sit down with you and discuss your ideas and what styles you like; it’s a great starting point. When looking for inspiration, try to choose images with similar colourings to you. Believe it or not, a hairdo on a blonde can look very different on a brunette. It’s also worth bearing in mind, that if you have the colourings of Emma Stone, then the makeup of Kim Kardashian may not necessarily translate onto you.

Pinterest is a great tool for finding gorgeous inspiration; you can create boards which you can then easily share with your makeup artist. Alternatively, looking to the red carpet always gives fresh ideas that tend to look like a cooler version of wedding hair or makeup!

You can take a look at my inspiration boards here.

Allison Bridal make up and hair, Ealing Abbey & Kew Gardens, London

My second tip is –

what’s right for someone else, might not be right for you…

Getting your ideas together sounds easy peasy if you know what kinda thing you’re looking for. However, what do you do, if you have no idea where to start? I think it’s worth considering how you usually wear your hair and makeup, as well as the style of your wedding dress.

How do you normally wear your hair? If you always wear it down and feel more comfortable that way, then wear it down! Just because it’s your wedding day, doesn’t mean you have to do something totally different. There are no rules. Yes, you want to look and feel special, but you also want to look like you!  The most important thing is that you feel comfortable, whilst looking gorgeous. There’s no point in wearing a style that you don’t feel amazing in.

How much makeup do you normally wear? If you don’t normally wear much, you don’t have to wear loads just because it’s your wedding day. You can wear sheer, long wearing formulas that will last, without feeling like it’s been trowelled onto your face. On the other hand, if you usually wear a lot of makeup every day, don’t feel you have to tone it down because that’s more ‘bridal’!

It’s also worth thinking about the your style of dress – your hair and makeup will need to reflect this style, so that your look flows and is cohesive. If your dress is relaxed and romantic, then maybe a soft unstructured updo might be a winner. If your dress is chic and glamorous, then maybe a classic chignon might be up your street. If your dress has a feature or detail, you might want to show that off (so you may wish not to cover it with your hair).

Helene Bridal make up and hair, Hampstead, London

my third tip is –

preparation is key

Ultimately, your makeup will only look as good as your skin is underneath it (check out my skincare blogpost here for some top tips). Again, if your hair is in great condition, then it will look even better once your artist has styled it. Think about getting a good skincare routine in place prior to your wedding; it might also be an idea to apply regular nourishing conditioning masks to your hair. If you usually colour your hair, it is worth having it dyed prior to your trial so the colour is fresh and you don’t have roots. Again, if you’re planning on having a spray tan prior to the wedding, it’s worth having one a few days before your makeup trial. Ideally you want to look as similar at your trial as you are going to on your wedding day as possible. I would also recommend considering getting your brows shaped, getting a facial and making the most of your lashes by getting them tinted and permed before the wedding. (You could always have your trial before a fun night out.)


Caroline Bridal make up and hair, Upwaltham Barns, West Sussex

my fourth tip is –

how to arrive to the trial

Your hair will need to be clean and dry for your trial; you can either wash it the night before or the morning of your appointment. Please don’t use straighteners or curling tongs before your trial as it affects the hair shaft and makes it harder to re-style. (Using a hairdryer is fine.)

It’s worth wearing something with a similar neckline to your wedding dress; it is also useful to wear a similar colour to your wedding dress for your trial.

Don’t forget to bring your inspiration with you and also an open mind – your stylist may suggest something that could look glorious. The whole point of the trial is to try different options. As a side note to this, I use very little product during a hair trial, which means I can take the hair down and try different styles. On the wedding day itself, I use more products, so the final look will be more finished and polished.

Please bring your veil/any hair accessories that you’re planning on wearing for your wedding day. It’s also handy for you to bring along a photo of your dress.

I don’t mind if my bride arrives at the trial fresh faced with no makeup on or with a full face of makeup. Sometimes it’s handy to see how you usually wear your hair and makeup, so arriving with your usual makeup can give me an indication of how you look everyday.

Finally, if your artist is travelling to you, for your bridal trial, please bear in mind that they will need a chair, a table for their kit and a plug for any appliances they need.

Kate Plunkett Bridal make up and hair, Ede's House, Chichester, West Sussex

my fifth and final tip is –

when to have your bridal trial

About 4-6 weeks before the wedding is a good time to do your trial – the lighting will be about right, it’ll be the right season, by then you’ll probably have a clearer idea with regards to what you do or don’t want in terms of your hair and  make up and also what the rest of the wedding will look like (including your dress!).

After your bridal trial, it is worth wearing your look for the rest of the day (and night!) to see how it wears. Check it out in different mirrors and lighting at home. I also think it’s worth seeing how your hair and makeup looks from different angles and also how it looks in real life as well as in photos.

Louise bridal make up and hair, Wasing Park, Reading

I really hope that’s been handy!

Until next time, cheerio chums!x

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