Insta guilt

Hi Chums,

So I don’t know if you’ve noticed but it’s been absolutely aaaaggess since I wrote my last blog post. In fact, I have been so busy (renovating our house, last year, but I won’t go into that now, because that’s basically a whole other blog post, tbh), that I haven’t really been on social media as much. And that’s what I wanted to jump on here and chat about. It’s the insta guilt.

So the other day, I was having the most blissful Sunday, brunch with chums (avo on sour dough with poached egg), a beautiful beach walk, G&T in the evening sunshine – it was idyllic. And I didn’t put any of it on social media. In fact, I got into bed that night feeling happy and content in my soul when I thought ‘OMG! I didn’t put any of that on my social media. Damn! That would’ve been such good content.’ I did it again, last week, when I met my friend’s incredibly cute baby. I was too interested in those chubby cheeks instead of adding to my insta stories. And it’s this pressure to constantly be living your best life and putting it out there on social media.

I only ever remember to update my stories when either a) it’s a wedding day (usually I’ll have got home, totally exhausted and then realised I forgot to take any good photos!) or b) when I have literally nothing exciting to say/show/share. Yep, so it just looks like I’m mega dull. And that’s the problem, isn’t it? It’s all about how it looks. So I just wanted to take a second to say: SOCIAL MEDIA ISN’T REAL. Jo from LoveHair (mentor/surfer chick/total bad ass babe) put up a post the other day which read: “Name one successful woman who got to where she is now by scrolling through Instagram and depressing herself with other people’s fabricated lives”  This really resonated with me.

Today, I have spent a lot of time at my desk (writing and scheduling blog posts/editing and updating my website/updating my accounts), none of which is particularly gram-able. So I just haven’t posted. Because I feel like, who cares about the mundane intricacies of running a business? I don’t wanna see that stuff (my accounts spreadsheet) on social media and it’s my business! So why would anyone else? I dunno, maybe I’m wrong? But I just can’t bear posting for the sake of it.

Anyway chat over… I just wanna say – maybe the best present you can give (yourself) is just to be present. Do that and then maybe try and insta the shizz out of it later… x


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