bridal make up and hair, Great Fosters Surrey

my top tips for the best wedding morning


Hi chums,

Whilst in the midst of a mega busy wedding season, I see A LOT of wedding mornings (I have four weddings over the next four days) and so I thought I would share my top tips on how to have the best, most relaxing and enjoyable wedding morning possible.

  • Make a plan – wedding mornings can be busy. Knowing who is meant to be where at what time is a really good way to ensure the morning doesn’t just slip away from you. You can read more about my thoughts on the wedding morning schedule here.

  • If at all possible, try not to move locations on your wedding day. Packing up kits, driving to the next location, parking, setting up again etc. always takes way longer than you think.

  • Make sure there is enough space to get ready – think about daylight/plug sockets/space for your make up artist/hair stylist to set up.

  • Get some tunes on! C’mon, it is a celebration after all!

  • Trust your artist – they’re a pro, so leave them to get on and do their thang whilst you sit back and chill.

Emma Bridal make up and hair, Petworth, West Sussex

  • Make sure you have something to eat – wedding days are really long days. eating will help with your nerves and give you energy. Don’t forget that your artist will probably need to eat something too!

  • Don’t try to do everything yourself – on your wedding day, friends and family genuinely want to help get stuff sorted. Let them!

bridal make up and hair, Great Fosters Surrey

  • Make sure you have a few wedding day essentials (blotting powder, lippie and hairspray) packed to keep your hair and makeup topped up throughout your wedding day.

Hope you found that handy – any questions, please do get in touch!

Until next time, cheerio chums x