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Hi chums,

How are you guys doing? So a few months ago I got married, and today I thought I might share a few nuggets from my bridal hair and makeup journey… As a bridal makeup artist, I had a lot of thoughts about my wedding hair and makeup before we were even engaged, as I’m sure you can imagine! One of the most challenging elements for me was deciding on whether or not I should do my own makeup or have a makeup artist do it for me… And if not me, then who?!


In my bridal party, I had my two sisters as my bridesmaids. Originally, I had thought that I would do everyone’s hair and makeup (including my own). And then I thought, as much as I love my job, I might not want to work on my wedding morning. I also realised that whilst I was confident I would do a good job on my face, I was going to need an extra pair of hands to help with my hair. So it made perfect sense to enlist the help of my extremely talented old uni friends (who work as bridal makeup artists and hair stylists) – I mean, who doesn’t want to spend their wedding morning hanging out with their pals?! That’s when I called my good friends Ham (her real name is Sarah Hamilton) and Phil (aka Philippa) and asked them to work their magic on my wedding morning.


I had a trial with Phil about three months before the wedding (I was quite keen to get my hair sorted after a previous not so successful trial with another artist). I went to Phil’s place in Reading armed with photos of the exact style I wanted, which she gladly and skilfully did for me. Unfortunately, as soon as I looked in the mirror I felt incredibly bridal but I just didn’t feel like me. I’ll tell you what, it’s a funny old sensation being on the other side of the bridal trial: it has given me quite an insight into my brides’ experiences. So we tried some other options (she had the patience of a saint) and we kept on going until we nailed it. I say we, she nailed it. I had quite clear ideas about what I wanted, so we tried quite a few different variations of the same style. I knew it had to be up (because of the neckline of my dress) and that I wanted to incorporate a plait and it should have quite a relaxed, ‘undone’ look to it.


As our wedding day drew closer, I still hadn’t decided whether or not I would do my own face. Eventually Ham and I decided I should have a makeup trial just in case I did want her to do my makeup on the day. I couldn’t decided whether I was able to relinquish control of my face (and my brushes!!) or whether it would be easier to give the responsibility to Ham. A few weeks before the wedding, we met in Covent Garden (and after a couple of hours of makeup shopping) we found a quiet corner of a restaurant, ordered a bottle of wine and some olives and just cracked on with it. I think the waiters might have been a bit baffled by what was going on, but they never said anything. I was more decisive with this trial as I had been practising what I would do, on myself, for months (a warm brown smokey eye with lashes, bronzed, glowing skin with a nude glossy lip) so I knew the products I wanted to use and how they would be applied. Again, Ham has the patience of a saint and very kindly welcomed my feedback… even when I hadn’t been asked to contribute.


On the wedding morning, I had just finished having my hair done and was about to grab my makeup bag, having decided that I would do my own face (channeling my nervous energy into something productive) when Ham and Phil both told me to sit down and just let Ham do my makeup. And I did! It was the right decision to sit back, drink my champagne and leave it to a professional. It was so luxurious to be pampered and taken care of. I loved my hair and makeup – they both got it so right. Thank you both so much.

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Here are a few snaps from our wedding – all photos taken by Source Images – I hope you enjoy!

Until next time, cheerio chums! x


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