bridal make up and hair, Great Fosters Surreybridal make up and hair, Great Fosters Surreybridal make up and hair, Great Fosters Surrey
bridal make up and hair, Great Fosters Surreybridal make up and hair, Great Fosters Surreybridal make up and hair, Great Fosters Surrey

terms & conditions

the trial

Your trial will cost £120 for hair and make up. For hair or make up only, trials are £100. Hair and make up trials will last approximately two-three hours. Usually it will just be The Bride that has the trial, however should any of your bridesmaids or other members of your party wish to have a trial also, the cost is an additional £100 per person for hair and make up, or £60 for hair or make up. Payment for the trial is required by bank transfer three days before the trial, for all members of the party who are having a trial for your wedding. Please note: a trial cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged for at the agreed rate.

the wedding

arabella’s responsibilities:

Both Arabella, and any assistants she uses, shall provide services with reasonable care and skill.

Arabella shall perform the services promptly on the date and time agreed.

If Arabella cannot perform the agreed upon services due to unforeseen circumstances or any other cause beyond her control, any and all payments excluding trials shall be returned to the client with the understanding that there will be no further liability with respect to the agreement.

Arabella will use her own products/kit in the provision of the services, unless specific products have been pre-agreed with The Bride or other members of the wedding party, due to sensitivities etc.

Arabella will arrange her own means of transport to and from the venue and trial location, and she has her own mobile phone. Arabella may claim legitimate expenses, subject to prior agreement, usually travel costs.

Arabella will use high quality professional materials and recreate the agreed make up and hair based on ‘The Trial’. She does however reserve the right to, at her discretion, substitute products for similar colours, textures etc. depending on the circumstances of the day, and also to be in accordance with best hygiene practices and ‘use by’ dates of the products.

the bride’s responsibilities:

The Bride agrees to pay the agreed fee for services rendered in accordance with the Payment Terms.

The Bride is responsible for the fees incurred by the wedding party for Arabella’s services, including but not limited to, parking and travel fees where applicable. All fees will be pre-agreed between Arabella and The Bride.

The Bride agrees to immediately inform Arabella regarding any sensitivities or allergies they, or any other member of the wedding party, may have to any types of make-up products or cosmetics either before or after ‘The Trial’. Arabella is not liable for any complications arising from the unlikely event of potential reactions or sensitivities.

The Bride agrees that a suitable workspace will be provided at the venue where the make up is taking place, including space to lay out products and equipment and suitable lighting.

The Bride agrees that Arabella may use any photos sourced from the wedding for promotional/marketing activities, unless The Bride informs Arabella that she does not wish this to be the case.

payment terms:

A booking fee of £100 is required in order to secure the wedding date; this will be deducted from the final balance. If the wedding day is within four weeks of booking, the full amount will be required to secure the date.

Once the booking fee has been received and the signed bridal contract has been returned, the date will be secured with Arabella and ‘The Trial’ can be booked.

Arabella does offer just hair or make up for the bride; however there will be an additional charge of £50 for single bookings.

If wedding preparations are split between two different locations a £30 pack up/travel/set up fee will be charged.

Payment can be made by bank transfer three days prior to the trial, cheques are not accepted. For larger bridal parties, an additional assistant may be required; this will incur additional costs. No additional appointments other than those pre-agreed will take place on the day of the wedding. The remaining balance of the wedding package is to be made no later than four weeks prior to the wedding by bank transfer.

cancellations policy:

In the highly unlikely event of the booking being cancelled please be advised of the following:

If for any reason you have to cancel your booking, you must do this in writing six weeks before your wedding. If notice is given after this time, the full outstanding amount is payable.

The booking fee is non-refundable unless Arabella cancels the booking.

The full balance is due four weeks before the agreed wedding date.

Once the final payment has been made four weeks before the wedding day, any services removed will not be refunded.

In the unlikely event that Arabella is unable to attend, Arabella would endeavour to find another fully qualified consultant and all monies paid will be refunded.

These clauses are intended to protect against loss of business, due to the fact that other bookings will have been declined to allow for yours to go ahead.

By paying your booking fee you agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement. This agreement represents all the terms and conditions agreed upon by the parties. No other understanding or representations, oral or otherwise, regarding the agreement shall bind any of the parties.

Arabella agrees to undertake the provisions set out in this agreement.